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Manufacturing Process

Once the yarn has been procured the finishing process has 5 stages

1) Dying – Yarn is sorted into bundles then boiled to remove impurities and subsequently bleached. Then it is put into dye baths with azo free vat dyes of high quality ensuring machine washability upto 40 degrees centigrade.

2) Warping – Yarn is then sent to be put on the warp of each loom, done singularly by one man, who counts the number of threads required per inch, depending on the design of the fabric.

3) Weaving – After the warp is ready, it is then mounted on the loom and readied for weaving. The traditional skill of the weaver are to be observed as both his hands and feet move in unison, weaving the most intricate and exquisite fabrics and designs. The weaver normally weaves upto 10-12 meters a day of fabric in a standard width.

4) Finishing & Packing – The fabric is then checked and cleaned by the weaver and sent to the finishing mill for washing all our fabrics are pre-washed, reducing the shrinkage to a minimum of 2-5%

5) Sewing – The sewing facility in Bangalore is modernized with imported machines and styles are followed to precision with great care given to detailing in each and every made up item.