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Our Philosophy


To provide to every supporter of natural products, a product of the highest international standards, adhering to world guidelines in environmental control, at a price that gives you extreme value for money.

To encourage the depleting community of hand weavers producing an item in an age when machines are fast replacing all things manmade.

To acknowledge the ever increasing community of people who appreciate the beauty of a hand made product.

To give to all our customers, an eco friendly product that is made out of a natural fiber, that breathes and is bio degradable.

5 reasons why you’ll come back to The Swadeshi Store:-

Bit by bit you would like to buy every item in the Store, but alas, your home can only accommodate so much.

The curtains you bought 3 years ago still look as good as new, but you’re the one who is ready for a Change!

The friendly and helpful Service, which you’ll get nowhere else.

The great pricing—where else can you get such great Value for money??

The Quality—bounce on it, wear it, stretch it or drape it, only Swadeshi fabrics can do it all!!