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Traditional skills to weave the fabric

  • Traditional skills to weave the fabric

    Traditional skills to weave the fabric

    In the near chaotic situation that has faced the world economies over recent times, one product has withstood and triumphed over the fickle markets- the humble Indian handloom fabric. Never pausing once in all its years of existence, continuously evolving, adapting and improvising, Indian handlooms have come a long way.

    What sets the Indian hand-woven fabric apart is the intricate craftsmanship that is handed down through successive generations of weavers. Be it intricately exclusive or functionally utilitarian, this is a fabric that is truly human-in every sense of the word. A fabric that defines grace, dignity of human labour and the beauty of imagination, finds expression through a handloom.Warping

    Handlooms are the unique work of a master craftsman. It reflects the touch of another human being and speaks volumes of the culture of the place and society that influenced its form. Options to create as many designs as can be conceptualized, superior textures, unlimited color combinations in the hand inserted weft and thousands of design possibilities are unmatchable strengths of the hand woven fabric. This is probably why this exclusive craft form has sustained the interest of the global consumers over many decades.

    So the next time you pick up a cushion cover, made out of pure handloom cotton, do pause and savor for a moment, the care and attention lovingly bestowed upon it by a weaver sitting at a loom many miles away, practicing the art taught to him by his father, weaving into the fabric a portion of his individuality, dignity and creativity which he is so graciously gifting to you.

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